Bosch 6.7L Cummins Injectors

If you need replacement injectors for your 6.7L Ram Cummins Pickup Or Cab/Chassis. Look no further than Genuine Bosch 6.7L Cummins Reman or New Injectors.

Bosch 6.7L Cummins Injector
6.7L Cummins Injector

Top Signs Of Failing Injectors

  • Extended cranking before the engine will fire
  • Rough or uneven idle, especially when the engine is cold
  • White smoke at idle and/or under light load. (The DPF on newer trucks may hide this symptom.)
  • Injectors that are not atomizing fuel properly will cause frequent DPF regeneration
  • Decrease in fuel economy

Worn injectors with loose internal tolerances will have a high fuel return rate. This will prevent the rail pressure from reaching the desired threshold for the ECM to fire the injectors. As a result of this, the engine will need to crank longer before the high pressure pump is able to reach the required pressure. If the injector return rate is high enough it will result in a no start condition.

Bosch 6.7L Cummins Reman Injectors

GENUINE BOSCH REMAN: Bosch remanufactures these in their own facility. These remanufactured injectors meet the same high standards as brand new injectors. The remanufacturing process integrates the latest updates resulting in a reman injector that is nearly equivalent to a new injector. Read more here.

Bosch 6.7L Cummins New Injectors

BRAND NEW GENUIN BOSCH: We also offer BRAND NEW Bosch Injectors. There is no core charge with the purchase of Brand New 6.7L injectors. Bosch manufactures these injectors with all updates. This often results in an injector which is superior to the original injectors in your truck.

New Bosch 6.7L Crossover tube kits. Bosch recommends replacing the crossover fuel tubes when replacing your injectors. When purchasing a complete set of injectors we offer injectors and tubes at a reduced price. Simply click the radio button to select the tube kit before placing your injector order in the shopping cart. Bosch 6.7L Cummins Injectors

6.7L Cummins Injector Torque Spec And Sequence

  • Injector: Pre-torque hold-down bolt to 44 inch-pounds to ensure injector is seated and centered.
  • Injector: Loosen hold-down bolts and leave them in place
  • Feed tube: Torque to 11 lb-ft. to ensure feed tube is seated & centered.
  • Injector hold-down bolts final install: torque to 71 inch-lbs.
  • Feed tube final install: torque to 37 lb-ft.
  • Rocker Arm mounting bolts: 28 lb-ft.
  • Wire connector nuts final install: torque to 11 inch-pounds. Be Very Careful Not To OverTorque!

Steed Speed C15 Exhaust Manifold

steed speed c15 manifold

The Steed Speed C15 Billet Steel Exhaust Manifold is one of the best on the market for durability as well as performance. CNC machined from 1018 billet steel it will eliminate cracking and warping. It increases spool-up, lowers drive pressure, increases boost along with a significant drop in EGT’s. Many drivers have also noticed a gain in fuel economy. Unlike the issues associated with cast iron manifolds the Steed Speed one piece design eliminates leaks from cracks and joints. The Techline coating is rated for 1700 degrees continuous use and will withstand up to 2000 for short periods.

Mounting hardware for the turbo as well as a turbo gasket are included with each manifold. The factory CAT hardware and gaskets can be used to mount the it to the head.

The Steed Speed C15 Exhaust Manifold carries a lifetime warranty for the original owner. Steed Speed will repair or replace the manifold at their discretion.

While we make every attempt to keep these manifolds in stock there are times when there is a wait time. We do note availability on our website along with lead times if they are not in stock. here is a link to the web page on our website: C15 Manifolds. We also offer free shipping on these manifolds to the lower 48 states.

See more information on the manufacturers website.

4 Signs You Need New Diesel Transmission for Your Vehicle

Transmissions are one of the most crucial components of a vehicle to move power from the engine to the wheels. When your diesel transmission starts to show warning signs, it is important to take these into considerations to maintain the performance and longevity of your vehicle.

Leaving the issue for a prolonged duration could lead to transmission failure. If something isn’t right with your diesel transmission, it is ideal to get a new one. But before making a purchase, let’s take a closer look at signs that indicate your diesel transmission needs special attention:

  • Irregular Gear Shifting

The truck’s gear system plays an integral part in the transmission and overall functioning of the vehicle. You may face common gear shifting issues, such as gear sticking, transmission falling out of gear while driving, or vehicle shifting gears for no reason. It may be time to take your vehicle to a specialist, get it checked, and buy a new transmission system if required.

  • Grinding Gears

Generally, manual vehicles with clutch or transmission problems witness grinding or shaking when changing gears. Don’t ignore these warning signs, you may need a new clutch or transmission system for an enhanced driving experience.

  • Unusual Colored Transmission Fluid

If you’re facing any issue with your diesel truck transmission, start by assessing the color of your transmission fluid. If it is functioning well, it will show a bright red color. But if your transmission fluid is in a dark, opaque shade, then it may be for a replacement.

  • Burning Smell

If you witness a burning smell coming from under the hood of your vehicle, then maybe your transmission fluid is burning. Likewise, it may be a sign that your clutches are slipping, which results in a burning smell. It’s high time to get your transmission system checked and upgrade to a new one.

Looking for Diesel Performance Parts?

ECD Diesel is your ideal destination to shop for high-quality parts that will enhance your diesel truck performance, fuel efficiency, and economy. From transmissions to clutches, injectors, exhaust brakes, and more, we have everything covered. No matter what kind of parts you’re looking for, we have it all in top brands like Bosch, South Bend Clutch, BD Diesel Performance, Industrial Injection, and others.

South Bend Clutch for Ford, Chevy and Dodge

Dual Disc South Bend Clutch for Ford, Chevy and Dodge.

South Bend ClutchSouth Bend Clutch is a family owned and operated business that has been in the Clutch industry for 3 generations. Based out of Mishawaka, IN they have built a strong name as the leader in manufacturing a high quality, very durable & cost effective replacement clutch for every application. Whether you have a stock horsepower street drive truck, modified diesel truck used to tow heavy loads or an a competition sled pulling or drag racing truck, South Bend has a clutch that will fit your needs. SBC also has a Limited Lifetime Warranty. It covers the clutch for manufacturing flaws as well a component failure, but keep in mind that this does not cover wear and tear.

Meet Delton Sensenig, CEO, East Coast Diesel.

Delton Sensenig, CEO, East Coast Diesel.

Meet Peter Pyfer, CEO, South Bend Clutch

Peter Pyfer, CEO, South Bend Clutch

East Coast Diesel was founded in 2005 as a diesel pickup truck repair shop, and over the years a lot has changed. East Coast Diesel specializes in Diesel Sled pulling. We are active in the East Coast Pullers Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League. In January 2011 Delton Sensenig & Ben Moyer joined East Coast Diesel to form an equal partnership with Lamar Burkholder in an effort to propel the business to a new level.

Pre-Interview Survey conducted by East Coast Diesel.

With an aim to provide first hand and accurate information on Dual Disc South Bend clutches for Ford, Chevy and Dodge, the East Coast Diesel team initially conducted a survey and interviewed 100’s of customers to find out how happy they were after switching to the Dual Disc South Bend Clutches for their vehicles and if they had any questions which they needed answers for.

After the survey, a final list of all the FAQ’ was shortlisted and Peter Pyfer was interviewed for answers.

With years of expertise dealing with Double Disc South Bend Clutches, the ECD Diesel team augmented Peter’s answers with additional information based on their experiences.

FAQ’s answered by Southbend clutch CEO, Peter Pyfer and East Coast Diesel’s CEO – Delton Sensenig.
1. How much noise is the South Bend dual disc clutch going to make once installed in my truck.?
Peter Pyfer, CEO, South Bend Clutch

Peter Pyfer (South Bend Clutch):

Yes, it makes a little amount of noise or rattle, whatever you may call it. It depends on the type of vehicle, which transmission, how the truck is performing, and quality of transmission.

Delton Sensenig, CEO, East Coast Diesel.

Delton Sensenig (East Coast Diesel):

Over the Years, the Dual Disc clutch from South Bend has been known to be a noisy clutch setup. We at ECD Diesel have seen firsthand how the Street Dual disc clutch has become less noisy and lot quieter. We have found that some trucks have less noise/rattle than others. Very often, the noise that people associate with the Dual Disc Clutch can also be gear noise in the transmission which can make a racket. This is often different when people change a clutch due to the fact that with a heaver clutch kit, if there is wear in the transmission, it can cause a noise/rattle that was not there before and is often labeled as clutch noise or rattle or racket caused by the Dual Disc Clutch.

2. What has South Bend Clutch done over the years to reduce the noise/rattle and build a quieter dual disc clutch?
Peter Pyfer, CEO, South Bend Clutch

Peter Pyfer (South Bend Clutch)

Better designs for the dampened section of the clutch disc and anti-rattle center plates have reduced the noise substantially.

Delton Sensenig, CEO, East Coast Diesel.

Delton Sensenig (East Coast Diesel)

We have seen SBC use a much heavier clutch hub, This has resulted in better dampening of the engine vibration through the clutch assembly and in turn created a much quieter clutch assembly. We have also noticed a reduction in noise/rattle with the implementation of pinned floater plates which keeps the floater from moving around when the double disc clutch is disengaged.

3. Since the Introduction of the SBC street dual disc clutch, has there been any changes to them?
Peter Pyfer, CEO, South Bend Clutch

Peter Pyfer (South Bend Clutch):

Over time, the weak points of the earlier designs have been addressed.

4. What are the changes that have been made?
Peter Pyfer, CEO, South Bend Clutch

Peter Pyfer (South Bend Clutch):

Using multi-friction materials, organic and ceramic, for better engagement. Silencing the notorious center plate rattle. Easier effort pressure plate. Better dampened clutch discs.

Delton Sensenig, CEO, East Coast Diesel.

Delton Sensenig (East Coast Diesel):

Since the introduction of the Multi Friction materials, the dual disc clutch has become very smooth to engage. Most of the early style street dual disc’s used a 12 button ceramic friction. The ceramic friction was more of an on or off clutch, meaning you were not able to slid the peddle out without it getting to the point where it was either engaged or disengaged. This would result in a rough start while on a hill trying to start out or when backing a trailer around. Since the introduction of the multi friction, all these problems have gone away. These multi friction dual disc clutches will engage like a stock clutch and yet hold about 700rwhp. What more could you ask for.

5. How did those changes better the dual disc clutch?
Peter Pyfer, CEO, South Bend Clutch

Peter Pyfer (South Bend Clutch):

Reduced noise, ease of effort on clutch pedal with smoother engagement.

6. Does the SBC street dual disc have a hard clutch pedal?
Peter Pyfer, CEO, South Bend Clutch

Peter Pyfer (South Bend Clutch):


Delton Sensenig, CEO, East Coast Diesel.

Delton Sensenig (East Coast Diesel):

We have noticed that the clutch pedal on the South bend street dual disc clutch is often much lighter than the stock clutch pedal. It is often the case that when a customer comes to pick up their truck, after a South Bend Street Dual Disc install, that they question the fact that we actually installed a Performance or Heavy Duty style clutch due to the fact that the pedal is lighter than the stock clutch.

7. What types of friction compounds are used in a street dual disc clutch?
Peter Pyfer, CEO, South Bend Clutch

Peter Pyfer (South Bend Clutch):

Multi-friction organic and ceramic.

Delton Sensenig, CEO, East Coast Diesel.

Delton Sensenig (East Coast Diesel):

The South Bend Street Dual Disc has a Performance Organic friction on the Pressure Plate side and also on the Flywheel side. Ceramic Friction on the floater plate side is used to hold the horse power that the diesel trucks are so easily able to produce.

8. Why are these particular compounds used?
Peter Pyfer, CEO, South Bend Clutch

Peter Pyfer (South Bend Clutch):

Organic for the smooth engagement, and ceramic for additional holding power.

Delton Sensenig, CEO, East Coast Diesel.

Delton Sensenig (East Coast Diesel): Organic:

This is a material similar to the factory style material only specifically designed for SBC and is often times referred to as a “Performance Organic” The SBC Performance Organic also has some metallic material in the compound as well. The Performance Organic material will allow for a smooth engagement of the clutch as well as a little better holding power the the stock style organic compound. This friction is referenced in the SBC part numbers list with an “O” in the Suffix.


This material is a Fiber / Ceramic material. Feramic has the ability to hold good horsepower but does not like heat. This type of clutch material needs to be used in an application were you have a good amount of horsepower but do not use the truck in a heavy towing application where you are riding the clutch pedal. This will cause excessive heat on the clutch disc and result in the material becoming very sticky to the point where it could weld itself to the flywheel resulting in you not being able to disengage the clutch. This type of friction is referenced in the SBC part number as “F” in the suffix


This material is designed to be a very aggressive friction material. Ceramic is a compound that is designed to take a good amount of heat but also has an engagement more like a on / off switch where you find yourself either being engaged or disengaged. Often time this material can be abrasive to the surface of the flywheel as well. In order to use this type of friction material you need to have good amount of horsepower to keep this material from “Glazing”. Once the Ceramic compound is glazed due to not aggressive enough driving or lack of horsepower, it will often times not hold very well and cause a slipping issue. This type of friction is referenced in the SBC part number as “C” in the suffix.


This material is a high-durability material more resistant to hard use. Kevlar has a Higher temp range in general, but can be ruined from overheating and will not return to original characteristics if over heated. If over heated the Kevlar material will be ruined and go to nothing. This type of friction is referenced in the SBC part number as “TZ” in the suffix.

Sintered Iron:

This material is a extremely high temperature material. The Sintered Iron is used in the competition application. This is often the material use in clutches referenced as slipper clutches. Sintered Iron must be used on special flywheels and must only be used in extremely high horsepower applications.

9. How does the SBC street dual disc clutch differ from a competition dual disc clutch?
Peter Pyfer, CEO, South Bend Clutch

Peter Pyfer (South Bend Clutch):

Competition clutches are designed for just that. They will have more noise, rougher engagement and harder pedal effort.

Delton Sensenig, CEO, East Coast Diesel.

Delton Sensenig (East Coast Diesel):

The Comp style clutches will have a much heavier pedal due to a heavier pressure plate. A comp style clutch is designed to be abused and also take a lot of heat hence the reason that they are not a very smooth engagement and have a heavy pedal. The comp style clutch also has to have special certifications that will help ensure that they don’t explode due to heat in competition style use.

a. How do I choose the right dual disc clutch for my truck?
Peter Pyfer, CEO, South Bend Clutch

Peter Pyfer (South Bend Clutch):

If you are going to do any drag racing, sled pulling or horse playing, the street dual disc is not for you.

10. What type of truck was the street dual disc clutch originally designed for?
Peter Pyfer, CEO, South Bend Clutch

Peter Pyfer (South Bend Clutch):

Higher horse power, heavy hauling/towing.

Delton Sensenig, CEO, East Coast Diesel.

Delton Sensenig (East Coast Diesel):

We have found the best use of the Street Dual Disc is for the customer who has a truck that is used for heavy towing and has a couple of power adders such as chip or programmer, larger Injectors and or bigger turbochargers. When adding these types of power upgrades to your diesel truck you will produce more low rpm torque which requires a heaver clutch assembly.

11. How does a street dual disc clutch effect the longevity of my transmission?
Peter Pyfer, CEO, South Bend Clutch

Peter Pyfer (South Bend Clutch):

If you keep the rpms up while driving and shift properly the transmission will not be harmed. Towing in overdrive, while under load, will.

Delton Sensenig, CEO, East Coast Diesel.

Delton Sensenig (East Coast Diesel):

The SBC street dual disc clutch is designed for street use. It is designed to not damage your transmission from normal day to day use. This is a heavy duty clutch that is designed NOT to slip in the event that you lug your motor into the low rpm’s where the most amount of torque is created. In a case where you have a stock style clutch and you lug in the low rpm’s, you will slip the clutch before it will create any damage, but in the dual disc it will not slip, meaning that if you lug the rpm’s down you do run the risk of putting extra unneeded stress on your driveline.

12. What is the difficulty of installing this Dual Disc Clutch; Can I do it myself?
Peter Pyfer, CEO, South Bend Clutch

Peter Pyfer (South Bend Clutch):

If you’re mechanically inclined there should be no problem installing the street dual disc. However, it is recommended to have a licensed mechanic do the work.

Delton Sensenig, CEO, East Coast Diesel.

Delton Sensenig (East Coast Diesel):

This is a question that is often asked when customers order a Dual Disc Clutch. The answer is that there is no difference to

installing a dual disc clutch as there is to a single disc clutch, simply that there is an extra disc. The dual disc bolts up

exactly the same. So to answer this question, if you are able to install a clutch then you will have no problem installing the

dual disc clutch. The South Bend Clutch kits come complete with everything you need to install it.

Delton Sensenig, CEO, East Coast Diesel.

SBC has a very basic part numbering system. This system will help you understand and choose the correct clutch for your application.

Part Numbers Explained:

  • Dodge Kits
    • 0090 – 12 1/4″ clutch kit for the factory flywheel. Fits 5 speed Getrag & 5 speed NV4500 Transmissions 5.9L Dodge Cummins.
    • 13125 – 13″ clutch kit with the 1 1/4″ Input Shaft. Must be used with upgraded flywheel. Fits the 5 speed Getrag, 5 speed NV4500 and the early 6 speed NV5600 Transmission 5.9L Dodge Cummins.
    • 1947– This clutch will fit the stock style flywheel but can also be purchased with the flywheel. Fits the 6 speed NV5600 Transmission 5.9L Dodge Cummins.
    • G56 – This clutch will not work on the stock flywheel and must only be used on Solid Style Flywheel. Fits the 6 speed G56 Transmission 5.9L & 6.7L Dodge Cummins.
  • Ford Kits
    • 1944-5 – This kit must be used with the upgraded flywheel. Fits the 5 speed ZF5 Transmission 7.3L Ford Powerstroke
    • 1944-6 – This kit must be used with the upgraded flywheel. Fits the 6 speed ZF6 Transmission 7.3L Ford Powerstroke
    • 1939 – This kit must be installed on the stock style flywheel. Fits the 6 speed ZF6 Transmission 7.3L Ford Powerstroke
    • 1950-60 – This kit must be used with the upgraded flywheel. Fits the 6 speed ZF6 Transmission 6.0L Ford Powerstroke
    • 1950-64 – This kit must be used with the upgraded flywheel. Fits the 6 speed ZF6 Transmission 6.4L Ford Powerstroke
  • Chevy Kits:
    • SDM0105 – This kit must be used with the upgraded flywheel Fits the 6 speed ZF6 Transmission 6.6L Chevy Duramax
    • SDM0506 – This kit must be used with the upgraded flywheel Fits the 6 speed ZF6 Transmission 6.6L Chevy Duramax
  • Dual & Triple Disc Kits:
    • SDD – Street Dual Disc for Dodge. This kit will come complete with upgraded flywheel.
    • SFDD – Street Dual Disc for Ford Trucks. This kit will come complete with upgraded flywheel.
    • SDDMAX – Street Dual Disc for Chevy Trucks. This kit will come complete with upgraded flywheel.
    • DDC – Competition Dual Disc for Dodge Trucks. This kit will come complete with upgraded flywheel.
    • DDDC – Competition Triple Disc for Dodge Trucks. This kit will come complete with upgraded flywheel.
    • FDDC – Competition Dual Disc for Ford Trucks. This kit will come complete with upgraded flywheel.
    • DDCMAX – Competition Dual Disc for Chevy Trucks. This kit will come complete with upgraded flywheel.
    • DDDCMAX – Competition Triple Disc for Chevy Trucks. This kit will come complete with upgraded flywheel.

Head Studs vs Head Bolts

This is a question often asked. Why should I install head studs when replacing the head gasket on my truck? Why can’t I just use the factory style head bolt?

In a diesel application there is a very high cylinder pressure which is very hard on head gaskets. The factory style Head Bolt is a torque to yield bolt. This means that you torque the bolt to a specific torque and then in most cases do a 90 degree rotation on the bolt which will put it in its optimum stretch point. This will then create the maximum clamping force of that fastener.

Shop for Head Studs


We have found, over the years of working on diesel trucks, that when you add horsepower with things like chips, programmers, injectors, and larger (or multiple) turbochargers you are at a higher risk of creating that high cylinder pressure lower in the RPM range resulting in a blown head gasket.

The design behind a head stud is to have a fastener that does not stretch. This is done by using a high tensile strength alloy and a stud rather than a bolt. The stud allows for a fine thread nut on the top which will result in a more precise torque of the head.

We highly recommend that whenever you are looking at replacing your head gaskets that you add the insurance of installing a fastener that will not stretch and put you back in the same position of replacing another head gasket.

At East Coast Diesel we sell a complete line of the ARP Fasteners. This includes Head Stud kits, Main Stud Kits as well as Rod bolts and many other applications. Let’s face it, who wants to take power away from their truck in order to keep it from blowing a head gasket, hence the reason to install head studs. Call and talk with our knowledgeable staff and allow them to help you select to correct fastener for your application!!!


6.0L Powerstroke Injectors | Genuine Motorcraft vs. Aftermarket Reman

We all know that the Ford 6.0L Ford Powerstroke Diesel has had all kinds of issues; Blown Head Gaskets, Plugged Oil Coolers, Fried FICM’s, Cracked EGR Coolers, and the list goes on and on. There are all kinds of theories out there as to why these injectors fail and what can be done to make them last longer. There are additives, special oils, and so on. If you have tried all these magic formulas and your injectors are just too far gone to save them, you’ve likely decided you are going to go ahead and buy injectors for your truck. Now the question is which brand of injectors do you buy? You research, and there again you have all kinds of options, suggestions and theories.

Shop 6.0L Injectors


Motorcraft 6.0L Injectors

We’d like to help you address the issue of having to replace injectors in your 6.0L. At East Coast Diesel we believe that the best injector you can purchase for your 6.0L is the Genuine Motorcraft Injector. This injector is the only injector that has a New Spool Valve. The spool valve is in the top of the injector and is the number one reason for your truck to have a hard starting issue and a rough idle after startup. This spool valve actuates side to side at a very high rate of speed with a very tight tolerance allowing the high pressure oil to move through the injector causing the injector to fire. With lack of service, such as a good quality oil change on regular basis, these spool valves will wear, causing them to stick and hence the term injector stickage.

Alliant Power Brand New And Reman 6.0L Injectors

Brand new injectors from Alliant Power are also a great option for your 6.0L. Made from all new precision parts they eliminate the concern of any worn parts in the injector. Alliant also offers high quality reman injectors. Both options have a two year unlimited mileage warranty.

Many aftermarket rebuilders will reman the 6.0L injector for as low a cost as possible. This will often result in the spool valves being reconditioned and or tested and reused. With the spool valve being the number one reason for 6.0L injector failure, it would be a mistake to purchase an injector that has anything less than the a brand new spool valve! Call us today to get the highest quality Injectors for your truck!!!

Looking To Increase Your Diesel Truck’s Fuel Fuel Efficiency, Economy, And Performance?

Look no further than the trusted line of AirDog Fuel Systems And Lift Pumps! It is the only filtration delivery system that separates air from the fuel, as well as water and particulates. This fuel system maintains the proper pressure flow to the transfer pump, eliminating cavitation and vapor. The Fuel Preporator significantly improves diesel engine performance and is one of a very few aftermarket performance modifications to be CARB certified and approved for sale and use in California. These kits ship with all the parts you need for quick and easy installation.

Benefits of Correct Fuel Pressure and Air Separation Include:

  • Maintains optimal fuel flow & delivery by removing air, water, vapor, and particulates
  • Noticeably improves fuel economy
  • You’ll notice the life of your injectors will be increased
  • Helps extend the life of high pressure fuel pumps
  • Your idle will be smoother
  • Improves your diesel truck’s engine performance
  • Reduces exhaust emissions
  • Increases Horsepower
  • Throttle response is improved

airdog fuel diagram

We carry AirDog Original, AirDog II, AirDog II-4G, Airdog II-5G, Raptor, and Factory Replacement Raptor® Pump (FRRP) with just about any flow rate you find yourself needing!

And now it’s much easier to find the AirDog Fuel Systems you’re looking for!

(Looking for more info? Read up on AirDog here)

Cold Weather Making Your 7.3L & 6.0L Powerstroke Diesel Heui Injectors Fail?

The problem

If your Powerstroke is having hard start issues now that that the cold weather has hit, you may have failing Fuel Injectors. Failure in a HEUI (hydraulic electronic unit injector) style fuel injectors, which are used in the 7.3L & 6.0L Powerstroke motors, are common and often will start showing up once the cold weather hits. The failure of injectors is due to common wear and tear, but can also be amplified by poor maintenance and bad fuel. The HEUI Style Injector uses Engine oil to fire the Injector and therefore not changing oil on a regular bases or not using good quality engine oil can shorten the life of your injectors as well as running poor quality fuel. When colder temperatures hit, the oil thickens running through these injectors, which leads to them not firing correctly, in turn causing a hard start or even a no start. If your only option to start your truck once cold weather hits is plugging it in, then you need replacement Fuel Injectors.

The Solution

Full Force Diesel Remanufactures the 7.3L Injector and puts an “18 Month Warranty” on their Injectors. These Injectors are completely remanufactured to the highest standards. Full Force Diesel completely disassembled and rebuilt ground up to include only the finest parts. These parts include all NEW Plungers and Barrels, NEW Nozzles & Springs. Full Force Diesel also installs all NEW O-Rings and Crush Washer. To top all of this off the injectors are then Flow Tested and shipped in sets of 8 Injectors to ensure a less than 1% difference in the flow rates between the set. You can be sure that if you find yourself needing injectors, Full Force Diesel has you covered. You will not buy a Higher Quality Injector at a cheaper price and still have a “18 Month Warranty”.

full force injector 7.3L Ford

Fuel Return Banjo Fitting on Injection Pump For 6.4L Ford

Introducing the Fuel Return Banjo Replacement Fitting on Pump Injection For the Ford Powerstroke 6.4L:

fuel return banjo fitting for 6.4L Ford

Have you found yourself struggling to find a replacement Fuel Return Banjo fitting after you broke one when replacing your head gasket? Previously this part couldn’t be found separately & you had to purchase a complete pump which would set you back upwards of $1,000. No longer! Introducing the 6.4l Return Banjo Replacement Fitting on Injection Pump For the Ford Powerstroke 6.4L! We not only custom machined some for you, but also strengthened the design!

This fitting goes on the top of the Injection Pump. There are 2 of these Banjo Style bolts that are used for the Fuel Return from the Cyl heads. Factory fittings are weak and very easy to twist & break off. These return lines must be removed when replacing head gaskets. This pump is located under the factory Twin Turbo setup – which makes it very difficult to get to.

S2G Smarty Touch For Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesel Trucks

Smarty S2G For Dodge Cummins
Dodge owners rejoice! You can now tap into the legendary Smarty tuning world & monitor your parameters from right inside your cab!

Inside the package, you’ll receive two devices: Smarty Touch Display and a Smarty Touch Controller (each having its own CPU). This twin design allows it to be the faster tuner & display in the market – only a 4 second startup! (up to 3 times faster than the competition!)

Feature-packed system includes:

  • Two alarms (high and a low range) can be configured for each PID.
  • Audible and/or visible alarms can be configured.
  • Freely configurable gauge(s) range.
  • Configured ranges are also displayed through colored bars in all digital gauges.
  • Configurable PID refresh speed.
  • Each gauge stores/updates and displays the max reached PID value continuously.
  • Supports over 300 SAE and Proprietary PID’s.
  • Fully Internet updateable. Updates are always FREE!