Steed Speed C15 Exhaust Manifold

steed speed c15 manifold

The Steed Speed C15 Billet Steel Exhaust Manifold is one of the best on the market for durability as well as performance. CNC machined from 1018 billet steel it will eliminate cracking and warping. It increases spool-up, lowers drive pressure, increases boost along with a significant drop in EGT’s. Many drivers have also noticed a gain in fuel economy. Unlike the issues associated with cast iron manifolds the Steed Speed one piece design eliminates leaks from cracks and joints. The Techline coating is rated for 1700 degrees continuous use and will withstand up to 2000 for short periods.

Mounting hardware for the turbo as well as a turbo gasket are included with each manifold. The factory CAT hardware and gaskets can be used to mount the it to the head.

The Steed Speed C15 Exhaust Manifold carries a lifetime warranty for the original owner. Steed Speed will repair or replace the manifold at their discretion.

While we make every attempt to keep these manifolds in stock there are times when there is a wait time. We do note availability on our website along with lead times if they are not in stock. here is a link to the web page on our website: C15 Manifolds. We also offer free shipping on these manifolds to the lower 48 states.

See more information on the manufacturers website.

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