Fuel Return Banjo Fitting on Injection Pump For 6.4L Ford

Introducing the Fuel Return Banjo Replacement Fitting on Pump Injection For the Ford Powerstroke 6.4L:

fuel return banjo fitting for 6.4L Ford

Have you found yourself struggling to find a replacement Fuel Return Banjo fitting after you broke one when replacing your head gasket? Previously this part couldn’t be found separately & you had to purchase a complete pump which would set you back upwards of $1,000. No longer! Introducing the Fuel Return Banjo Replacement Fitting on Injection Pump For the Ford Powerstroke 6.4L! We not only custom machined some for you, but also strengthened the design!

This fitting goes on the top of the Injection Pump. There are 2 of these Banjo Style bolts that are used for the Fuel Return from the Cyl heads. Factory fittings are weak and very easy to twist & break off. These return lines must be removed when replacing head gaskets. This pump is located under the factory Twin Turbo setup – which makes it very difficult to get to.

New Flo Pro Polished Stainless Up-Pipe Kits For 2008-2010 6.4L Powerstroke

flo pro polished up-pipe kits
Many 6.4L Ford drivers are experiencing failure from their stock up-pipes. There are some solutions out there but Flo Pro took a different approach. The reality is that bellows in the OEM up-pipes don’t flex enough which causes stress – this stress then leads to permanent damage.

Flo Pro is pleased to announce the release of their sleek & polished 304 stainless steel up pipes with reinforced interlocking braid flex bellows. The interlocking braid inside the bellows adds extra durability to the pipes. Flo Pro’s flex pipe material is then wrapped on top of the bellows to ensure these will outlast your stock pipe, and then some. These pipes are designed & built to last!

Kits Available:

S2G Smarty Touch For Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesel Trucks

Smarty S2G For Dodge Cummins
Dodge owners rejoice! You can now tap into the legendary Smarty tuning world & monitor your parameters from right inside your cab!

Inside the package, you’ll receive two devices: Smarty Touch Display and a Smarty Touch Controller (each having its own CPU). This twin design allows it to be the faster tuner & display in the market – only a 4 second startup! (up to 3 times faster than the competition!)

Feature-packed system includes:

  • Two alarms (high and a low range) can be configured for each PID.
  • Audible and/or visible alarms can be configured.
  • Freely configurable gauge(s) range.
  • Configured ranges are also displayed through colored bars in all digital gauges.
  • Configurable PID refresh speed.
  • Each gauge stores/updates and displays the max reached PID value continuously.
  • Supports over 300 SAE and Proprietary PID’s.
  • Fully Internet updateable. Updates are always FREE!

AirDog II-4G Is Now Available!

The new patented AirDog II-4G ® is the next big thing in the fuel delivery system resulting in a smaller, longer lasting, more efficient, and quieter lift pump.


airdog 2 4g

The new motor design produces 3 benefits for the AirDog II-4G ® fuel system.

  1. This new system utilizes an intermediate pump shaft that moves the electric motor away from the fuel — this helps to prevent “wet motors”.
  2. The motor’s self-aligning capability requires less maintenance and increases the system’s endurance & tolerance — resulting in a longer pump life.
  3. The quieter, low amperage motor provides longer drivability and contributes to a significant reduction in noise.

AirDog® is proud to announce that the AirDog II-4G® is the quietest fuel system in the diesel market!

The AirDog II-4G® is available for modified Dodge, Chevy, and Ford applications.

The new fuel system will support between 500 and 800 horsepower with a flow rate of 165 gph. It is best suited for light to moderate modifications. Applications available for the fuel delivery system are Dodge, Chevy, and 6.4L and 6.7L Ford diesel trucks. Ford applications are currently only available in these models.

airdog 2 4g

So, what can the AirDog II-4G® do for you?

The benefits of the system are immediately apparent. The removal of contaminants in diesel fuel, such as air, water vapor, and debris provide increases in power and performance.

This is reflected by:

  • Smoother acceleration and idle
  • Throttle response is improved
  • The elimination of hard starts

As the amount of air and water in the fuel decreases, fuel economy improves which leads to increased savings for you. Removing contaminants, such as air/water/debris, allows for pure diesel fuel to enter the combustion chamber through the injectors, safeguarding the engine and providing a full burn which means you no longer have to worry about wasting fuel.

Shop for Your Application:

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Rev-X Oil Additive

Rev-X Oil AdditiveEast Coast Diesel is proud to announce that we are now a stocking distribute of the complete line of Rev-X Products.

Rev-X is a common name in the Ford Powerstroke world. The Rev-X Engine Oil Additive has been known to correct some of the common 6.0L injector issues such as spool valve stickage. This is a problem were the spool valve does not actuate properly due to worn tolerances in the valve assembly.  The spool valve is on the top of the injector were the High Pressure Oil enters the injector.

The use of the Rev-X Oil Additive in you Powerstroke Diesel will defiantly help with the longevity of your Injectors. Continue reading