Duramax Injectors Explained – NEW vs REMAN

If your in the market for Injectors for you Duramax diesel, you know there are many options. We get calls all the time from people that are just confused when shopping for injectors, New vs Reman, Performance vs Stock, Genuine vs Aftermarket. Here are the options explained.

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Bosch is the original manufacture of the 6.6L fuel injector. We have found that the Genuine Bosch injector has been the most reliable replacement injector. The Genuine Bosch injector is most often referred to as a NEW injector even though is is actually  remanufactured. These injectors in our opinion are better then most because they are remaned by the original manufacture with all the latest updates and also the highest quality genuine components. Simply said Genuine Bosch Injectors are as close to a “New Injector” as you can buy.

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We offer the complete line of duramax injectors from Industrial Injection Service as well. Industrial Injection Service is a common household name in the diesel performance industry known for there outstanding fuel injection parts. Industrial Injection has two options when it comes to purchasing injectors “NEW” or “Reman”. Again we recommend choosing the “NEW” option. Industrial’s New injectors are a Genuine Bosch injector that Industrial installs a modified nozzle on. With this option you are getting the highest quality bosch injector that now flows more fuel. If you were to choose the reman Industrial Injectors keep in mind that there is a shortage of cores and in most if not all cases you would have to pull your injectors and send them to Industrial Injectors to have them remaned.

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Please feel free to call us here at East Coast Diesel anytime with questions concerning your purchase. We have a very knowledgeable staff that is willing to discuss the options and answer any of your questions you may have.

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5 thoughts on “Duramax Injectors Explained – NEW vs REMAN

  1. The Duramax Diesel vehicles are recognized to become impressive. They’re just built with durable locomotives with no shortage of potential and also the famed Allison sign that every one of all the chevy together with avoid motorists wish that were there…..Thanks to you..

  2. I have a 2003 Chevy PU with the 6.6L Duramax with 96K miles on it. I just found fuel in the crankcase and have torn the motor down to the point where I could vacuum test the return fuel lines and the injectors for leaks(before taking them apart and at the same time). Obviously, the test failed, so I pressure tested each side with 5lbs air to locate the leaks(to see what was leaking, the injectors or the return lines). I found the source of the leaks-what looks like a weep hole just above the return line connection point. Why is it leaking here and have you seen this before? Is there anything else I should be looking at?

    Thank you for your time and expert advice!

    • There is a machined hole on the side of the Injector that is there as part of the manufacturing process. this hole is then plugged with a steal ball that is pressed into place to close the access point which was created. For whatever reason over time these will leak causing a fuel leak under the valve cover resulting in fuel in the crank case.

      This is one of the reasons that we recommend replacing with Genuine Bosch Injectors. Bosch noticed this to be a problem and has addressed it in there rebuilding process. When buying a “Aftermarket” Reman Injector you do not know if this problem was address.

      Sorry for taking so long to post a response to this post. I over looked it some how.
      Delton Sensenig
      East Coast Diesel

  3. 2003 6.6, 78k miles in a C4500 chevy. Truck is pristine and no expense spared on maintenance, only the best. White smoke at idle and heavy fuel smell. Looks like injectors. If Bosch is so great, why are mine and everyone else’s failing with low miles ? I’m nervous of Bosch for replacement. I sadly sold a Cummings 5.9 for this ??? Advice would be appreciated !

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