AirDog® II Demand Flow 165


AirDog Demand FlowAirDog® II Demand Flow 165 (DF165)

AirDog® II is designed to operate at flows and pressures beyond the maximum requirements of the engine. It receives fuel under vacuum from the fuel tank containing entrained air/vapor, particulate contaminates and unknown quantities of water. As it passes through the AirDog® II Unit it will separate the Air/Vapor from the fuel and Filter the Fuel to a 2 Micron Level before supplying your engine will clean, air free fuel. One of the Key Features that we at ECD like about this unit is the fact that it will circulate the unused fuel within the filter base versus returning the fuel back to the tank like the AirDog® Original and other competitors pumps. With this feature you are only filtering and separating the Air/Vapor off the fuel once, instead of returning the fuel back to the tank.

AirDog diagram
The patented AirDog® II system removes entrained air/vapor from diesel fuel which improves engine performance by:
– Maintaining Correct Injection Timing
– Eliminating Spray Pattern Disruption
– Allowing for a Full Power Stroke and Complete Burn
Which leads to:
 – Increased Fuel Economy
– Increased Power Output
– Increased Torque Output
– Longer Injector Life
– Improved Throttle Response
– Reduced Exhaust Emissions
– Optimized Engine Performance

AirDog Install KitAll AirDog units ship with Vehicle Specific Complete Install kit.

With a starting Price of $670.00 We have found that the AirDog DF-165 is well worth the money and a cheap Insurance Plan if you are replacing Injectors.
Call us at (717) 861-7525 for additional discounts before ordering.

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