Is your diesel truck ready for the Winter?

Winter is coming. Is your diesel truck ready?

Have you found yourself getting stuck with cold start problems, fuel gelling issues, or poor engine performance in past winters?

Stock up on Distance+ Winter Fuel Additive for this year’s season. Distance+ Winter Fuel Additive was developed & tested in the harshest regions of the country, so you can count on RevX’s Winter Fuel Additive to do the trick.

Benefits Include:
  • Winter Performance to -45F
  • 6 Point Cetane Increase (NOT 6%). For increased pulling power and torque, economy and reduced exhaust gas temperatures.
  • Added Lubrication Agents. Keeps both new and old fuel injections systems running smoothly with reduced wear.
  • Reduced EGT Temperatures.
  • Added Storage Agent. Extends fuel useful life from approximately 6 months to well over a year.
  • Water Dispersant Agent. Reduces harmful water in fuel system.
  • Increased Corrosion protection extends service life on all stored vehicles.
  • And many more!

If you’re looking for a proven product with plenty of real world experience for your diesel truck in extreme cold weather operation, look no further than the REVX DISTANCE+ WINTER Fuel Additive.


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