6.0L Ford Injectors|Genuine Motorcraft vs. Aftermarket Reman

We all know that the Ford 6.0L Ford Powerstroke Diesel has had all kinds of issues; Blown Head Gaskets, Plugged Oil Coolers, Fried FICM’s, Cracked EGR Coolers, and the list goes on and on. There are all kinds of theories out there as to why these injectors fail and what can be done to make them last longer. There are additives, special oils, and so on. If you have tried all these magic formulas and your injectors are just too far gone to save them, you’ve likely decided you are going to go ahead and buy injectors for your truck. Now the question is which brand of injectors do you buy? You research, and there again you have all kinds of options, suggestions and theories.

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We’d like to help you address the issue of having to replace injectors in your 6.0L. At East Coast Diesel we believe that the best injector you can purchase for your 6.0L is the Genuine Motorcraft Injector. This injector is the only injector that has a New Spool Valve. The spool valve is in the top of the injector and is the number one reason for your truck to have a hard starting issue and a rough idle after startup. This spool valve actuates side to side at a very high rate of speed with a very tight tolerance allowing the high pressure oil to move through the injector causing the injector to fire. With lack of service, such as a good quality oil change on regular basis, these spool valves will wear, causing them to stick and hence the term injector stickage.

Aftermarket rebuilders will reman the 6.0L injector for as low a cost as possible. This will often result in the spool valves being reconditioned and or tested and reused. With the spool valve being the number one reason for 6.0L injector failure, it would be a mistake to purchase an injector that has anything less than the a brand new spool valve! Call us today to get the highest quality Injectors for your truck!!!

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  1. I bought my king ranch used, I have a feeling that the heads have been worked on “gut feeling”. So I do not know if the injectors have been replaced or not and what brand if they have replaced. There was no tuner on the truck when I bought it. So…
    If they have been replaced with another brand and I only want and need to replace 2, will I have a problem if they are not the same?

  2. I Have a 05 F350 Powerstroke Just installed new 190cc injectors, new 68mm turbo and a new Air Dog 150 fuel pump. Already have aftermarket exhaust and CAI system. I have a problem with the o ring in top of number four injector blowing out. It has happened three times in less than five hundred miles. I actually bought a ninth injector and the same thing has happened. I know I’m getting entirely to much fuel because oil pan is full of diesel and glow plugs don’t work. what is the problem and what is the fix.

  3. A faulty injector will cause the engine to smoke or run rough. Using a scan tool that’s capable of performing a power balance test, you can identify the cylinder with the faulty injector. But considering the amount of work required to disassemble the engine to the point of injector replacement, most technicians will replace all of the injectors at the same time.

  4. I need 8 injectors for my ford f450 6.0 2003
    How much and how long to get it in south Florida . I need the high pressure rail and hose seal kit

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